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PAT Testing Procedure





Test Procedures

All portable and transportable electrical
equipment is firstly given a thorough inspection for
damage or wear & tear to the appliance itself and all
cables & connections coupling the appliance to
the mains system.

If the equipment “passes” the inspection procedures it is then connected to specialised PAT testing instrumentation which puts your appliance under prescribed electrical tests to ensure that it conforms to pre-determined electrical parameters for “earth resistance”, “insulation resistance”, “leakage current” and others if specified or required.  The exact parameters, values, and test frequencies can be viewed by visiting www.theiet.org

Appliances which pass all inspection and test procedures are labelled with a unique identification number, test date, engineer’s initials, and re-test date.  All test results are then entered into an appliance logging system and produced in a register for your retention.

Should any equipment ‘fail’ any of the inspection or safety testing procedures our qualified engineers are able to carry out the necessary repairs required subject to your approval or make any necessary recommendations for their safe repair or replacement.  If repairs are unsuitable for any reason the appliance will be labelled as “failed” and removed from service until a decision has been taken from within your organisation.

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